5 Creative products you would not want to miss!

What is the last straw that crushes your reason and makes you willing to take out the wallet that was supposed to seal in your pocket?

With all those goods list on market, whomever catches the consumerai??i??s attention is the winner. Therefore, ai???Creativityai??? is definitely the key point.

Here we have showcased 5 unique products that you can actually buy, some good options for you to spice your life up and enjoy the envy sight of your friends.

ai??i??WeWood Wooden Watch


Feather-light, smooth and made of 100% natural wood, WeWOOD is the eco-chic way to tell time. A fusion of fashion, technology and nature.Great quality and unique design idea, itai??i??s guaranteed to catch peopleai??i??s eye.

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This cool tracking device you used to see in movie, has now came to the real world.

Constantly drop your keys? Always forgot where you place the phone?

With the special Tile APP, you will never lose the important things you have tagged.

The device itself is small but firm and fashion; itai??i??s well served as a decoration instead of a redundancy. Learn more about tile.

ai??i??The Biolite Camping Stove


Never run out of battery on your next camping trip. With the Biolite camping stove, you can charge your mobile device by simply burning wood in the stove. A very innovative idea for outdoor activity user, makes it possible to charge your device and cook at the same time with the same device. Literally a personal portable power plant. Check for more details.


ai??i??Laser Keyboard VK200 Call blocker, How to hack messages in iphone. Cannabis seeds uk seller Cannabis seeds uk seller


Another fictional idea brought to real life. Laser keyboard is an innovative product that lets you convert any surface into a keyboard. The keyboard connects to any device with a bluetooth such as your iPad or cellphone, which is no doubt the coolest portable keyboard you have ever seen. Study more about VK200.


ai??i??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Yantouch Diamond+ BT Speaker


Can you tell what this glowing diamond is? A lamp? A home decoration? Or maybe a special function light device? This boutique is Yantouchai??i??s latest product ai???Diamond+ai???,Ai??A multi-function Bluetooth speaker combined high quality music, smart light and natural wake/sleep function. And its dual controllable with remote and special APP,presents you the Yantouch spirit: ai???portable romanticai???. Learn more.

We hope you found the products above useful! Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comment section. And if you find something creative, please donai??i??t hesitate to share with us as well.