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Las Vegas, Jan 4, 2015. Yantouch Corporation, an art-oriented technology firm and Red Dot winner, presents the latest innovative products of 2015, Daisy1ai??? and Light Jockeyai???, a lifestyle 3-in-1 Device and App, respectively.

ai???I have a good old stereo with CD player in my bedroom, but havenai??i??t used it for many yearsai???, Ken Ouyang, the President of Yantouch, said, ai???also looking for right LED lighting for a while. We, Yantouch, decide to come up with a dream product with 3-in-1 functions for the bedroom. Instead of jammed stereo in a small box, we think bedroom deserves a more balanced sound with True Wireless Stereo (TWS); instead of good old on/off white lights, bedroom deserves a dimmable white/color mood lights; instead of waking up with a scary alarm clock/phone, bedroom deserves a Sunrise/Sunset emulating

Daisy1 (DS1) is it. Design concept derived from Avatar Flower. Center stamen speaker, 3 times powerful than Yantouch Diamond+ (DM+); surrounded by petal lighting, millions of mood colors; white light, 4 times brighter than DM+; Shining metal stem as stylish stand and interactive Leaf switch.


ai???Yantouch Daisy Pair forms one of the simplest TWS,ai??? Said Ken, ai???No need of extra setting buttons as conventional TWS, Just fold out the metal stands of the pair, a unique wireless left/right speaker system with beat match lighting is ready for your dual sense The Daisy Pair best suits for bedroom. Balanced stereo sound system, and white/color stereo light system with 400 lumens each, enough for bedside reading, also can set the mood color you like, even beat match with your music. Natural Wake/Sleep app helps you to fall asleep and wake smoothly. All pack in just one device.


Light Jockey (LJ) is the 2nd generation of Yantouch lifestyle apps. Design concept derived from Disc Jockey (DJ). While Disc Jockey maneuvers music, Light Jockey can let you maneuver/sync multiple lights with your favorite music. It consists of Light, Light Jockey, Wake and Sleep menus.


ai???Lightai??? controls all the Bluetooth linked lights from your phone. ai???Just like Hue, You can turn your living room to pink to celebrate your wedding Ken explained, ai???Light Jockey plays multiple lights with multiple color discs on phone app. Unlike other smart light products, it can sync lights with music by your own style. You can record the light, music and even voice together to form a ai???Portable Romanticai??? file. Then, you may share with others on Yantouch

ai???Wake/Sleepai??? emulates the Sunrise/Sunset just like other Wake-up lights. But, In addition to waking up by normal canaries chirping, your love ones can get a pleasant surprised wake by your voice. Like ai???Wake up Barrack, you lazy bone, Happy birthday to youai???. This Portable Romantic, no matter created by yourself or downloaded from cloud, can be ported through your Facebook to enlighten your friendsai??i?? life.


Daisy Single retail price at affordable US$129, Daisy Pair at US$249, will be available in March. Light Jockey comes with free of charge.

About Yantouch:

A brand of Technology and Art, by innovative and passionate team from Taiwan Silicon Valley founded in 2008.

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2 time German Red dot design award, the world highest honor in Design.
21 worldwide patents and growingai??i??

Blend Speaker, LED, APP and wireless technologies, with modern Nordic design plus world leading Taiwan craftsmanship, determined to provide Best Music, Smart Light and Natural Wake 3-in-1 boutique. Bring you a new Yantouch portable romantic lifestyle

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