Brand Story.

Legendary investor Jim Rogers used to say

If the people around tried to persuade you not to do something, even ridicule you never should want to do, you can put things as possible indicators of success. This principle is very important, you must know: Reverse the line with the crowd takes courage.

Encouraging all of us to understand our-self honestly thus devoting our-self into the job that brings you passion regardless of your present age.

Yantouch Corp is not the first time that Ken Ouyang starting up a business, early in 1997 has him stared an IC design company F3 Technology and access to great success which was once the secondary design corporation following behind Intel in the field of high speed Ethernet IC products. After that, Ken Ouyang founded Yantouch Corporation in 2008 with an over 20 yearsai??i?? experience RD team and switched the target to LED market.

The deep appreciation of aesthetic and art is the key element why they picked LED industry. Ken Ouyang still remember a Philips LED application scenario that he used to seen in an exhibition, there’s a woman standing in front of a French window on the screen, tree image appeared as the woman waved her hand, and the brightness and color changed with her hand moving up and down. Ken Ouyang was deeply touched by this romantic scene which made him believe that Taiwan should make products merged innovation art with high technology in order to create the largest market niche. Therefore, in order to pursuit product innovation and brand marketing, he abandoned Taiwan’s specialty in OEM and chose soft-hardware and system integration capabilities to make the most of it.

Most people would probably think that a group of high- tech people spent more than 20 years in the IC field will definitely chose IC industry as their next business start up option, while Yantouch management team had different ideas and decided to go through a different way. Within 5 years, Yantouch Corporation perfectly combined technology with arts, developing creative products that blend flawless sound with glamorous light, ready to get rid of OEM image and play a nice brand warfare at global 3C market. brandAs to why named the company “Yantouch”, Ken Ouyang indicates that “Yan” is Yin-Yan. “Yan touch” means Sun’s touch. Touch by Sunrise and Sunset’s beauty (We continue improve smart light and more versatile sync, even go multi-device next), touch by Sun’s power, brightness. (We continue to improve on white light brightness). It matches with our 3-in-1 main themes of Natural wake and Smart light. Yantouch is no cheap China factory name, it has deep root of China culture and philosophy.

Yantouch has introduced Jelly Fish LED light and black/white diamond shaped Bluetooth speaker, one is the combination of fine art and technology while the other one is a perfect integration of light and music. These two innovative products soon broadcast Yantouch’s visibility and lay a successful battle for small and medium enterprise crossing from OEM to brand management. Yantouch also developed tons of innovative control technology and smart phone software related patents, such as Music you can see, Stereo reflection speaker, Speaker-specific equalization and Remote control UI…etc. Even Ken Ouyan personally has up to 41 patented technologies which accelerated oversea marketing and broadcasted Yantouch reputation.

However, to survive under the highly competitive brand war on electronic market, Ken Ouyang applied an “one way through” strategy with 100% Taiwan manufacture and design to elaborate rapid response and offense, continuously innovate new products and slowly create market visibility with “Yantouch” brand.

Yantouch Bluetooth speaker with sound and light soon break into foreign and domestic market due to its high degree of artistry and technology. It is elected as top 10 recommended Christmas gift by US TV net, and also evaluated as the best graduation gift by USA Today. Ken Ouyang forecast that the CAGR of Bluetooth speaker with light and music will remain above 50%, Yantouch will gain its global brand visibility with continuously product innovation and brand operation.

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