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BTS (Bed Time Social) is a social-based lifestyle app.
BTS amazingly combines “Lights”, “Music”, “Sleep”, “Wake” mood and health lighting and music into one.
With BTS, you can wake up or fall asleep with your friend’s surprising sweet voices.
Say, you can wake up to a surprise greeting, such as “Happy Birthday” from your network of friends or record a bedside whisper for your love one before he/she sleep on the bed.
This app will have best effects if combine with the mood/health LED lamps designed by Yantouch corp (www.yantouch.com).
You can use BTS to control these ai???Diamond+ai??? lamps to have best ambience space experience. Enjoy it!



What is Bed Time Social?

BTS (Bed Time Social) is a social-based lifestyle app. When work with Yantouch’s Diamond+ Bluetooth Speaker, it will amazingly combines
ai???Lightsai???, ai???Musicai???, ai???Sleepai???, ai???Wakeai??? mood and health lighting and usic into one. With BTS, you can wake up or fall asleep with your friend’s surprising sweet voices.

Why I hear beeps when I pressed buttons?

BTS can control the Diamond series products from Yantouch. The control commands was encoded and transferred through sound channel, thus users might hear brief beeps.

What is Sun-rise demo?

Sun-rise mode is activated 30 minutes before wake-up time, and it lasts 30 minutes. Sun-rise demo mode is to shorten this duration to 30 seconds in order to demonstrate this function to friends or customers.

Why BTS failed to control Diamond+?

BTS commands are transmitted through sound channel. In order to guarantee the command integrity, please make sure:
1. The sound is transmitted to D+ correctly, no matter through BT or linein cable.
2. We’ve found that in some smartphone models, the Touch sounds duration is too long and affects the integrity of the commands. Please try turn off the Touch sound if this is the cause to the failure.

How can I know if BTS has connected a Bluetooth device?

There is a BT connection indicator on the smartphone remote controller screen. A blue icon represents BT has connected. A grey icon means not connected.

How do I tell if Sleep/Wake has been set successfully?

If Sleep has been set successfully, D+ would show raising purple light. If Sleep was canceled, it shows falling purple light.
If Wake has been set successfully, D+ would show raising orange color light. If Wake was canceled, it shows falling orange color light.

How to set Sleep time? What is shortest/longest time?

1. Select Sleep page from bottom of the screen.
2. Slide the sand glass upward or downward to adjust sleep time.
3. Press START button to start.
4. The shortest time is one minute; the longest time is 99 minutes. If slide upward again at 99 minute it shows ai???–ai???, means ai???Never sleepai???.

Can I choose different wake up sound instead of the default canary singing?

You can select any favorite music in the Music page as the wake up music. If no music is selected, the canary will be played.

What is ai???remote whisperai???? Is there any territorial restrictions?

Remote whisper is to record what you’d like to say to your friends, and send to your friends using BTS. When the recipient runs BTS and uses Sleep or Wake function, he / she will hear the whisper you sent.
Currently BTS gets your friends list from Facebook, and stores the recorded sound file on Google’s server. However, mainland China area restricts the usage of above servers thus this function is not available in China.

Wake: Auto-lock issue

When using BTS on iPhone, if ai???auto-lockai??? was enabled, then when wake alarm rings, it will ring for only 20 seconds. During this 20 seconds, user can slide to unlock, and choose to snooze or stop. If user does not slide in this 20 seconds, the alarm will be stopped.
There is no auto-lock issue on Android devices.

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