Hue Mode

Mono: 16,000,000 colors to suit your moods.
Flow: Select a range to auto loop colors.
Sync: Auto beats with your favourite music.

Wake Mode

Emulate the Sunrise, bring you from deep to shallow sleep, silently, and wake you up naturally. In case, time is up and still not awake, your wake song will kick in to make sure wake.

Sleep Mode

Sunset mode: Increase your melatonin gradually, and help you fall asleep naturally.
Reading mode: While reading, the white light will gradually dim down, along with music.
Sleep Reminder: Help kids to form good sleeping habits. 

DJ Mode

Play like a DJ, both Music & Light. Record your favourite light patterns on color discs while listening to your music. You can even record your own voice, to form an LMV (Light/Music/Voice) file to play back. (Diamond and Firefly only work with Eye)

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