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  • 300% Sound boost
  • Spherical resonant & smart volume control patents pending
  • World first “Music+Light” LED Lifestyle Bluetooth Speaker
  • High class Diamond cut with unique plating mold
  • Li-battery last for 7 hours, best for outdoor parties
  • Unique”BedTimeSocial” app, for lifestyle Light/Music/Wake/Sleep functions (please see App section for more detail)
  • Dual remote control: Phone app and IR
  • High class velvet pouch
  • USB adapter
  • Portable Romantic lifestyle speaker
  • Best corporate premium gift


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Product Size 128 x 130 x 119 mm
Color Black / White
Control Method Remote Control / APP Control
LED (RGB in one set) 8 sets



  • World first 3-in-1 “Music+Light+Wake” function boutique, market value over $300, not a gimmick or gadget
  • USA Today: ai???Avant-Garde portable bluetooth speakerai??i??Let you see, hear and feel the musicai???–Light pulse to music
  • Atlanta-Journal-Constitution: ai???World first multi sensory bluetooth speaker”
  • Best Music: World leading N-class 2.1 speaker system with patented sideway stereo effect, 4.7-star review on amazon
  • Smart Light: Millions of beautiful washwall colors to suit your subtle moods, Diamond lighting sync with your favorite music as a portable light show, best for camping and party
  • Natural Sleep: Sunset simulator-Sleep aid light emulate the Sunset to let you sleep naturally, gradually dimming Sunset lighting and music to help you fall asleep easily
  • http://seniorscaregivingneeds.com/?p=2826

  • Natural Wake: Sunrise simulator-Sunrise silently to bring you from deep sleep to shallow sleep in 30 minutes, then wake you with natural canaries singing
  • Bluetooth: Auto bluetooth pairing (unlike most Bluetooth speaker hard to pair) and connect over 30 feet (over most competitors)
  • Remote: Unique handy dual remote controls: IR Remote and Phone app control
  • http://www.irisevers.nl/purchase-purim-month/

  • Lifestyle App: Free download BedTimeSocial app (both iOS and Android)
  • Craftsmanship: World leading plating-mold diamond cut nano technology to produce crystal clear light show device, best for VIP gift
  • Battery: 1300mAh Li-polymer rechargeable built-in battery



*Some phones may not work*




Diamond+ no sound?

If you want to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth
1. Turn on the Diamond+ speaker.
2. Click the Diamond+ ai???Bluetoothai??? button on the remote controller and you’ll see Diamond+ flashing the blue light once.
3. Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone, then scan/find the Bluetooth device with the name ai???ID+ yantouchai??? or ai???BD+ yantouchai??? and pair with it.
4. After pairing, connect to Diamond+. Once connected, Diamond+ will responds with a ai???duai??? sound.
5. Play the music and if there is still no sound, press Diamond+ ai???Volume Upai??? button on the remote controller to increase the volume.
If you want to connect with line in
1. Turn on the Diamond+ speaker.
2. Click the Diamond+ ai???Line-inai??? button on the remote controller and you’ll see Diamond+ flashing the green light once.
3. Connect your phone to Diamond+ with the 3.5mm audio line.
4. Play the music and if there is still no sound, press Diamond+ ai???Volume Upai??? button on the remote controller to increase the volume.

How to control volume?

1. Audio Source
2. Diamond speaker: by IR Remote or BTS app
When Diamond+ reaches the maximum volume, it will respond with a beep.

Play/Pause/Fast/Back buttons on the Diamond+ remote not working?

ai???Play/Pause/Fast/Backai??? buttons only work under ai???Bluetoothai??? connection mode.
For ai???Line-inai??? connection mode, you cannot use the Remote to control ai???Play/Pause/Fast/Backai???.

Whatai??i??s the difference between BD3, Diamond+, Diamond+ boost?

Diamond+ is upgraded version of BD3. With lithium battery inside, wall-wash function, supporting of APP control and also with a high-class pouch. Some light illuminations are different as well.
Diamond+ boost is a largely sound improved version of Diamond+ since April, 2014. Yantouch has recalled all retail store non-boost version back. So, what you buy from the existing channels should be all Boost version.

How do I know my Diamond battery status?

To know if Diamond is fully charged or not, Turn the Diamond Off and On, or Unplug and Plug again. Diamond will either show pulsating Orange or pulsating Green, for 10 seconds. (Then it will go Flow colors)
Orange means there is current flowing, so itai??i??s still charging.
Green means no current flowing, so itai??i??s fully charged. (Note: if you unplug the USB cable, it will show Green, even itai??i??s not fully charged, because no current flowing.)

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

About 4 hours. Make sure to use Yantouch provided AC adapter or equivalent 5V/1A rating adapters.
To make sure Diamond is fully charged, itai??i??s best to leave it charging overnight.

Why my Diamond+ speaker did not play for 10 hours?

The battery lasts for 10 hours is under the condition that the speaker stayed on “Tempo Light Mode” and played musics which are not heavily rocked.
If you turn the Flow/Mono or White light on, the play time is much less than 10 hours. Another reason it doesnai??i??t last, may be due not fully charged.

What if my Diamond+ remote controller is missing?

When the remote controller is missing, you can
1. plug in the power supply cable to turn on the speaker
2. control the speaker by downloading/installing the Yantouch BedTimeSocial app from android market or iOS app store by searching “Yantouch”.
3. Contact Yantouch for purchasing a new remote.
[Note] To use BedTimeSocial (BTS) app, please make sure your Bluetooth is connected.

Why doesn’t Diamond+ use larger speakers?

Instead of focusing on deep bass like Bose Soundlink Mini, Diamond+ speaker is designed for more balance among Bass/Mids/Highs. We have a Bass resonant tube to enhance the Bass to a reasonable good level.
The new Boost version increase the resonant chamber size by 2.5 times, that improve the resonant frequencies from 160hz to 100Hz, a very noticeable improvement.

Why Bluetooth canai??i??t connect to Diamond+?

There are several possibilities,
1. There are some other phones/pads already connected to D+.
Solution: Re-Plug the USB cable to D+ and reset/free the connection.
2. There are several D+ with the same name.
Solution: Delete all the existing paired BT list from your phone and re-search D+ again. Use the newly found D+.
[Tip] Quick way to link back, is to press ai???Playai??? button on Remote to link back to your last paired D+.

Will the wake up alarm still work if I disconnect the Bluetooth link?

You can disconnect the Bluetooth after setting the wake up alarm to save the phone and device battery.
Natural wake up light will still work, the only difference is the alarm sound will come out from your phone instead of Diamond+.


USA Today: Best gadget gifts for grads
“Avant-Garde portable Bluetooth speakers, let you see, hear and feel it”, “Best gadget gift for grads”
USA Today, June 2013
Amazon : “Bluetooth capable it was super easy to sync.”
The bass comes out and the balance of the treble is so good, it doesn’t matter what we played, the fast paced flight of the bumblebee,
the plaintive voice of Sarah McLachlan.
Becky in NOLA, Amazon Top 100, May 2014
AJC: Accessorize your RV
“World’s first multi-sensory Bluetooth speaker…lets you see, feel and hear the music!
Atlanta Journal-constitution, June 2013
I want to say something about the sound quality of this tiny gadget. It is amazingly good for speaker this size! I am an audiophile who owns several several sets of hi-fi sound systems, ranging from a 50 years’ old vintage vacuum amplifier to a contemporary 9.1 surround system. My hobby is to try and compare sounds produced by different systems with varied setups. You certainly are not going to say that the sound of a mobile phone mp3 music transmitted via Bluetooth to this little diamond shape cube beats Macintosh MC275 vacuum amp hook up to a B&W speaker. They are different breeds made for different purposes. But when you put the two systems side by side to compare the size of them and the sound they can produce, you realize how far we have gone from analog to digital in the last 50 years. To me, the cost saving and the convenience of portability justifies small compromise in the quality of sound, not to mention its additional colorful light function. Good job Yantouch did for this little jewel!
Tsai, Huai Ching R., Amazon.com, Jun 2014
I like that the remote can be stored in a special slot in the speaker so it is out of way, out of sight, and still be where you can find it.”
“D+ looked great before pairing and better once I saw the light show.
Bob Tobias, Amazon Top 1, April 2014
The Yantouch Black Diamond+ is a cool combination of sound and light show performance. While as a bluetooth speaker it falls into the middle of the pack – but as a speaker and light show it is quite an eye opener!
CKE(Top 50 Reviewer), Amazon.com, May 2014
Oh my GOD – This is such a great speaker! It is absolutely beautiful – it looks like the Northern Lights except in sync with your music! Even if it wasn’t a speaker it would be a very cool thing to own, but it’s actually a really good speaker, too. Unlike a lot of smaller speakers it has very nice bass response and very clear highs. There’s no muddiness in the sound like you find in many little bluetooth speakers.
Claire Jordan(Top 50 Reviewer), Amazon.com, May 2014
My son gave me this for Christmas, and it’s far and away my favorite present. I’m using it constantly. The light show is great, of course, but even better, it’s the best speaker I’ve ever owned for my laptop. If I’m listening to an audiobook, it’s as if the reader is sitting there beside me. If I’m listen to music, it’s as if I were in the same room as the orchestra. I’d give this six stars if I could.
M. Perdue, Amazon.com, Jan 2015
The Diamond+ provides the user with a natural sleep and wake. Unlike traditional alarms that suddenly wake you up, the Diamond+ emulates the Sunset to let you fall sleep naturally and wake you with with beautiful canaries singing. This option is the best of the 3 as it will gradually wake up your prince and princesses. Great for all those parents with grouchy teens.
Shane, New Gizmo Blog, Nov 2014
IceDiamond+ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System Review
“The ID+ is meant to be enjoyed with others, and with all the features packed into it.
Deepak Sharma, Dec 2013
Very good quality speakers for the price. The lights are unique and go very well with what I need them for. Great for a causal day or even a small party. The remote works the whole machine which is nice for lazy people like me. I would recommend and buy again.
Courtney Pham, Amazon.com, Nov 2014
Fantastic sound and definitely worth the price. Use it at the pool and the strength of signal and loudness is as promised. The lights look great on the table in the evening. Battery hold the charge for the entire day. Would definitely recommend.
Geraldine Buchanan, Amazon.com, Jun 2014
This is AWESOME!!!! I can’t stop using it, whether for a light at night or while playing music. The speakers work great for what I need it for. The colors are so vibrant and amazing, even at the low level lighting. I highly recommend this item!! It blows away the JBL Pulse speaker in my opinion!
Chris Ljucovic, Amazon.com, November 7, 2014
It’s perfect if you’re looking for a portable, wireless speaker that gives you a light show simultaneously. I listen to a lot of EDM (Electronic Dance Music (House, Electro, Trance, etc)), so the listening experience is enhanced by the various light shows the speaker can put out. When I have the speakers ( and lights) on in a public place, I always get compliments and a lot of times, people just come up and start dancing! I would buy this product again and also gift it to several friends.
Amazon.com, Dec 2014
We got this as a gift, and we absolutely love it. We also had a Jambox speaker, but we think this one actually has a better performance, especially the bluetooth pairing is superior. We never had any problem to pair it with our iphone or ipad almost instantaneously. The speaker quality is also great, especially with the ever changing light, even our 3 year old loves to dance around it. We put it in our living room, it also serves as a great piece of decoration as well.
Fei & Tony, Amazon.com, Dec 2014
Makes me want to get up and dance! This portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has very nice sound, but the thing I like best is the light show. This comes with a remote control that gives you several choices for how you want the lights to display. You can set it to cycle through the different colors, use a single color, or my favorite: pulsate all different colors to the beats of the music. I love sitting and watching it. The lights are just as much fun to watch when it’s playing classical music as it with rock or rap. Using it to listen to meditation music gives the experience a whole new dimension.
PT Cruiser(Top 50 Reviewer), Amazon.com, May 2014
There are several trends in the consumer electronics industry. Smart home accessories are a big thing now. Bluetooth speakers are big. And convergence is big. So it was nice to see the convergence of both a Bluetooth speaker and an app-enabled lighting unit, all in one cool looking gadget from Yantouch.
The Diamond+ is also an app-enabled color-changing light. Philips sells their Hue products for a lot of money and they only change color! You can select from a variety of colors and patterns, or let the colors act as an equalizer, based on the music the speaker is putting out.
Todd Bernhard, iPhoneLife, Sep 2014
So far my favorite usage is in the bathroom during my morning shower. If I keep the bathroom lights off, the Yantouch Diamond+ completely fills the room with a brightness almost too brilliant to look at directly. Itai??i??s like showering at Studio 54 in its heyday. (I wasnai??i??t born then, but I imagine it was totally the same.)…
Luke Goldstein, Blog Critics, Oct 2014

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