Gel nails first appeared in the U.S. in the early 1980s, Nail care
but were met with limited success. At the time, Nail gel polish
the manufacturers of gel lights and the gel itself had not joined forces, gel nail polish color set
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Nail techs and clients soon found out that ­using the wrong light or applying too much gel caused a burning sensation on the client’s nail gel
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Nail gel

Overview/Gallery Feature How-to FAQsAi??


  • Reinvent bedroom stereo
  • Adopt Swiss horn-inspired resonance tube
  • Adopt Nano diffusion technology
  • Best lighting sync with your favorite music as a portable light show, best for party
  • Connect two speakers as simple as opening your eyes
  • Unique”HueDJ” app, DJ mode lets you record your favorite light patterns with your music
  • Dual remote control: Phone app and IR
  • High class velvet pouch(Option)
  • Micro USB

  • Portable Romantic lifestyle speaker



Product Size 154 x 59 x 95 mm
Color Black or White
Control Method APP Control or Remote Control(option)
LED White 8 sets,400 lumen / RGB 9 sets, 16,000,000 colors


  • Reinvent “True Stereo Dual Channels + Reading Light + Lifestyle HueDJ App” exquisite 3-In-1
  • Best Music:adopt Swiss horn-inspired resonance tube
  • Smart Light: Millions of beautiful washwall colors to suit your subtle moods,creates the softest, yet brightest light
  • Golden Ratio:The flat, round design fits the speaker driver for the most efficient sound-to-size ratio,best for outdoor workout
  • Natural Sleep: Sunset simulator-Sleep aid light emulate the Sunset to let you sleep naturally, gradually dimming Sunset lighting and music to help you fall asleep easily
  • Natural Wake: Sunrise simulator-Sunrise silently to bring you from deep sleep to shallow sleep in 30 minutes, then wake you with natural canaries singing
  • Bluetooth:Just flip each Eye pair on and the left & right speakers will automatically link together with a beep, then just link to your phone, as simple as opening your eyes
  • Remote: Unique handy dual remote controls: IR Remote and Phone app control
  • HueDJ App(both iOS and Android): DJ mode lets you record your favorite light patterns with your music
  • Battery: 2600mAh Li-polymer rechargeable built-in battery




Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Wherever you are, we ship it to you.

What comes inside the beautiful color box?

1.Single EyE

  • USB Charging cables
  • Instruction manual in many different languages

2.EyE Pair

  • USB Charging cables
  • Instruction manual in many different languages
What is the size of EyE?

Diameter: 6″ (154mm), Thickness: 2.3″ (59mm), Height: 3.7″ (95mm)
Weight: 14 oz. (402g)

Is EyE waterproof?

No, it is not waterproof.

Can EyE be turned on without opening the handle?

No, EyE can not be turned on without opening the handle. It is the power switch. When the handle is closed, the power switch is turned off. When the power switch is off, even when you use remote control to turn on EyE, it won’t turn on.

How long does the battery last?

Single EyEAi??has 2600, and a Pair has 5200 mAh Li-ion built-in battery. Music with normal high volume (12/15 scale) & sync lighting, it should last more than 10 hours.

Why is EyE bass better than others?

Some conventional speakers use passive resonant plates that create loud but fake bass. EyE adopts Swiss horn concept to produce the most natural and powerful bass. Based on the design, it generates fidelity sound quality.

Ai??Compatibility List


How far can my phone pair to Eye?

Eye uses Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP, SPP, TWS (True Wireless Stereo). The Bluetooth range from your phone to the speaker can be separated up to 30 feet (10m).

How many languages do user guide support?

1.Asia version: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,Korean
2.Europe version: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

What does the warranty cover and how long is it?

1. Any breakdowns or not function properly caused by anthropic factors, costs will be collected from the users.
2. one year from the date of purchase. If a defect exists, at its option Yantouch will repair the product at no charge. Though, users are responsible for the shipping cost.Any breakdowns or not function properly caused by anthropic factors, costs will be collected from the users.

How can I have the true wireless stereo? How long is the setup process?

First, you need to place two Eyes to the left and right, and just simply open the stands of EyE Pair. The left & right speakers will automatically link together with a beep, and then connect your phone to the left (master) channel. The whole setup process will only cost you a minute.

When I place two Eyes to the left and right, how much time does it takes for stereo pairing?

It only takes 30 second for both left and right Eyes to be paired.

After stereo pairing, how far can Left (Master) and Right(Slave) being separated?

Working distance depends on density of obstructions and other wireless interferences. Although actual working distances may be much bigger,suggested distance from Phone to Left is 5m, from Left to Right is also 5m. Both speakers share the same Bluetooth connection and play same music while being located into two different places.

Why wonai??i??t my Bluetooth device connect to my EyE?

If your Bluetooth device wonai??i??t connect to your EyE, try the following:

  • Make sure your speaker is standing and turned on
  • Make sure your device is connected to your speaker and Bluetooth is active
  • Place your Bluetooth device closer to the speaker, it might be out of range
  • Close and open the stand to turn your speaker off, and then switch back on again
  • If you have more than 2 speakers, make sure you are connected to the correct one
If EyE can be charged by regular cell phone usb adapter?

Yes, The maximum charging current for EyE is 800mA, it is fine to use regular cell phone usb adapter to charge EyE

Will EyE come out noise ?

Please don’t make EyE’s both 3.5mm audio line-in an usb power sockets be connected to the same device, such as notebook, PC or those devices with both 3.5mm audio line-out and usb power sourcing portsai??i??
Please also to avoid connecting EyE’s 3.5mm audio line-in socket to those audio devices that it’s usb power source is connected to the same usb adapter with EyE’s usb power sourceai??i??

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