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JellyFish2 is a decoration with 16,000,000 color mood lamp. Flowing color or choose the color you like to display your room and. Also adjust the color you want to relax and release your pressure. It is designed to produce stunning color effects of 16 million color combinations at your fingertips, like controlling a color changing sea jellyfish with Remote Controller. This product won 2010 Red Dot Design Award.

  • There are two lighting display unit, Top Display and Bottom Tube.
  • There are two display modes, Fixed Color and Flow Color.
  • Top Display and Bottom Tube lighting can be controlled by remote controller.







Product Size 227 x 140 mm
Color Selection About 16,000,000
Control Method Remote Control
LED (RGB in one set) 20 sets
Device Outlook Top Display: Black
Device Base Color: White
Stand Display: Transparent tube
Funtions Flow Color / Mono Color
Power Consumption 10W



What an awesome piece of kit this is. It looks cool, stays cool and quite frankly IS cool. I’m having to buy one for my daughter now !!!
Mark Dennis, Mathmos, Sep 2014
Really nice addition to my lava lamp collection, changes colours, full spectrum, love it!
Kate Baker, Mathmos, Apr 2014
To borrow a word from a TV commercial, this lamp is AWESOMESAUCE!!! Squishy Pantone roxors!!! :-)
Craig Johnson, ThinkGeek, April 2014
Best money ever spent the beautiful light show in your own home and the mood it sets is to die for don’t miss out!
Cameron Drain, Mathmos, Feb 2012
I would like to offer these two demo videos. :) The first is of the JellyFish2 in Plasma Mode, and the second shows the JellyFish2, JellyWash2, and JellyWake2 operating in concert:
JellyFish2 in Plasma Mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dvBh-RpWFg
JellyFish2, JellyWash2, and JellyWake2 in concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4T2OdQygzfI
These are just absolutely the coolest lamps EVER. (And SO much better looking and colorful than the Philips Hue bulbs, which were just *profoundly* disappointing. I’ve learned my lesson. It’s Jellys all the way for me. :) )

Oh, and they don’t make a peep. :) (I’ve heard tell that many LED lamps buzz like mosquitos.)”

Rikki Raccoon, ThinkGeek, Aug 2014
Very very impressed with this light. Mounted on the wall it phases through colours with speed, brightness and pattern of changing controllable via the remote. Not only does the surface of the lamp phase, but it casts a wash of colour from the base illuminating the wall on where it is fixed
Terence McArt, Amazon.co.uk, Nov 2013
Perfect for my art display room. Can’t wait to get it! XD So much fun!
Brianne Toma, ThinkGeek, July 2013
Just ordered this Jellyfish2 Color Lamp for my Brother Greg for his birthday. Hope he hates it. That way I’ll get it back, re-gifted at Christmas. Otherwise, I know I won’t be able to stop myself from buying myself one. Or two.
Harvey Griffin, ThinkGeek, Oct 2012


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