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It is a sunrise lamp and space lighting with both Wash wall mood lighting and Natural WakeUp function. And it’s controlled by remote control, no need of physical touch. Like real sunrise and sunset with nature voices – birds, frogs, owls, ocean, to let you sleep in the jungle and wake up in the nature.





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Product Size 227 x 140 mm
Color Selection About 16,000,000
Control Method Remote Control
LED (RGB in one set) 20 sets
Device Outlook Top Display: White
Device Base Color: White
Stand Display: White
Funtions Flow Color / Mono Color / Clock Mode / Sleep Mode / Wake Mode
Power Consumption 10W


Can I set both Sleep Time and Wake Clock together?

Yes. You can do it in either sequence.
We suggest set the Wake Clock firsti??then set the Sleep Time.

What happen when Wake Clock / Alarm is up?

After 30 minutes of Sunrisei??it becomes brightest and bluish.
If you are still not awakei??Canaries will start to sing.
Any tap on Remote or Hand sensor will give you 5 more minutes Snooze.
If you decided to get upi??just turn it off.


I only just unpacked the lamp, and I must say that I really like it! It seems to be of a good quality, the night lights are not too bright and the sounds are soothing and soft. Will write more after I will figure out how to actually operate it.
Marina, Amazon.com, Feb 2014
Alarm that changes light colour and intensity and plays cool sounds when it is time to wake up. COOL – what more can you say.
coolio, Buzz Gadgets, May 2013

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