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JellyWash2 has 16,000,000 Color Wash wall lamp controlled by both remote control and hand control. JellyWash2 is much brighter to make a good wall wash. It is designed to produce stunning color effects of 16 million color combinations with proximity sensing through your gestures and also remote controllable.

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Product Size 227 x 140 mm
Color Selection About 16,000,000
Control Method Proximity sensor / Remote Control
LED (RGB in one set) 24 sets
Device Outlook Top Display: White
Device Base Color: White
Stand Display: White
Funtions Flow Color / Mono Color
Power Consumption 10W


What’s difference on Remote and Hand control?

Remote control can do more, ike Flow Speed, Primary colors.
Hand control is convenient if remote is not handy.

What’s difference on JellyWash2 and JellyWake2?

JellyWash2 is a simple WashWall Mood Color Lamp.
JellyWake2 with Sleep and Wake functions added, the colorful Sunset and Sunrise are unique in industry.
Both with Dual control which is unique in industry, too.


This is amazing and powerful mood light. Brightness can be easily changed and the range of colors are fantastic. The controls can be a little confusing at first but i came to grips with it easily in 15 minutes. Postage was super fast from glow!
Tony, Mathmos, Oct 2014
Ordered this item on a whim and so glad that I did! Adds a really soothing colour light wash to any wall. There’s lots of colours and effects to choose from. Nice, well made, fun item!
Andy, Mathmos, Aug 2014
What a great novelty and mood light. It does everything as advertised and does it so well. The ultra small remote control is a real convenience. I use it to “wash” a wall in my music room. Wonderful companion to great music!. A word of caution: the lamp preforms best on a neutral or white wall. Colored walls and drapes significantly affect the reflection of the projected light. In my installation, the lamp covers a 11′ X11′ X 8′ wall when placed 28″ in front of the wall and 15″ above the floor. Love the ability to control the frequency of light change and the intensity of the light. Not inexpensive, but, for me, worth the money. Lamplust; a good company to do business with…
Ernest E, Lights.com, March 2013
We love our jelly wash lamp. Easy to use and creates a beautiful light display, especially on blank walls and the ceiling. It looks sleek and modern in any room.
Alxx_B, Amazon.co.uk, Dec 2013
My kids love them! Not as vivid a color as the picture, but still pretty.
Christina O., Lights.com, Dec 2012

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