Smart Lighting

We are living in the newest century where new innovative technologies are introduced to us throughout everyday of our lives. You canai??i??t even avoid seeing a smart product if you wanted to! Everywhere you go, you see a smart product that is being introduced! For example: smartTV with a built-in bluetooth connection, smartpen with voice recorder, smartwatch with camera and heart rate sensor, and etc. Everybody likes the word ai???smartai??? but do we know the meaning of living smart? Is the the technology really necessary?? Well, here are the answers: Light is something we must encounter in everyday life. We can hardly function without them. We switch lights on or off everyday. During night time, we swtich from a bright ceiling light to a small night lamp for comfort and convenience in dark areas. Using smart lighting is a first step to live smart and to be advanced the quality of your life.

What is smart lights?

Smart lights, sometimes referred to as connected lighting. It is a up-to-day lighting technology. It was originally designed for energy efficiency. It features automated controls that make adjustments depend on the conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability.


Smart lighting makes reading more comfortable and effective while it is preventing myopia and eyestrain. Unlike the inflexible reading lamp, the brightness level and color can be adjusted according to personal preference. Whether you want white or yellow, bright or dim, smart lighting can do it with just a fingertip.

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One of the best things about smart lights is that you can change color temperature! How cool is it? A lot of people do not realize that colors can affect our brain. Different colors affect the way you think, work, and sleep! For instance, sun light is actually very stimulated to your brain. It helps us to think clearly throughout the day; furthermore, we seem to be more energized and productive under the sun.


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Producing music and DJing are lots of peopleai??i??s dream. Can you image being a DJ by simply tapping an intuitive palette console, and people dancing follows the music and light you play? Now, smart light isnai??i??t just controlling the on/off and dimming but also combining music into lights. Yantouch brings the dream to reality; we are going to be the first invited smart lighting that allows you to create musical light shows via iPhone and Android devices. Smart lighting is smarter than you think.