Wireless Stereo Speakers

The ear-piercing screech of tires as Jason Statham drifts along the city streets, the melancholy flutter of the piano from Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne and the collective roar from the stadium as the US women’s soccer team wins the world championship.

You may hear the bullets whizzing by as Jason Statham rolls out of the car, the stamping of the piano player’s foot as he counts the beats and the sound of the winning ball as it makes contact with the net, but you aren’t experiencing the action.

Portable speakers have advanced significantly from the unwieldly boomboxes to pocket speakers in the past 40 years. However the portable speakers of today fail to reproduce the auditory experience of participating in the action rather than being a mere bystander. In contrast, stereo systems utilize two or more speakers to replicate a true auditory experience but suffer from being large and unwieldly. In recent years, portable speakers began mashing multiple speakers in compact packages that rivaled the boombox and even in-home sound systems. Unfortunately without a dedicated right and left channel, portable speakers still couldn’t achieve that true spatial audio experience we all strive for.

Supersonic SC2711BT – Amazon.com

Supersonic SC2711BT – Amazon.com

Few have been able to combine the portability of today’s speakers with the true stereo audio of in-home sound systems. The few sacrifice portability and ease in the interest of creating a true wireless stereo experience, and many require a third device in order to function properly.

Royal 29297W WES 600 – Amazon.com

Here at Yantouch, we are currently working on a project that combines portability of our Diamond series with the style and design of our Jelly series to develop a product that produces exceptional stereo audio; a portable sound system that’ll travel with you to bring life to any party and brighten any room. No wires. No fuss.