Yantouch upcoming product, Daisy, announced at Digital Experience

Les Vegas, US. 2015/1/8,English

Les Vegas, US. 2015/1/8. Yantouch, an art-oriented tech firm, disclosed their upcoming product Daisy1ai???. Ai??A unique elegant designed brilliant speaker, inherits Yantouch portable romantic elements, contained best music, smart light and natural wake/sleep function. Ai??In addition, this blossom flower like speaker is now able to pair connected with one Bluetooth device and separate into left and right channel.

This innovative and stylish product got pressai??i??s attention from all over the world immediately. Wildly reported by iLounge and other famous tech sites:

http://9to5mac.com/2015/01/06/pepcom-highlights-yantouchs-daisy-lamp-zolts-magsafe-charger-brookstones-bluetooth-signal-splitter-more/ Cheap sarafem price


About YanTouch

A brand of Technology and Art, by innovative and passionate team from Taiwan Silicon Valley was founded in 2008. Ai??Yantouch has received several Red dot design awards, the world highest honor in Design and owned 21 worldwide patents which are continuously growing.Ai?? Blend Speaker, LED, APP and wireless technologies, with modern Nordic design plus world leading Taiwan craftsmanship, determined to provide Best Music, Smart Light and Natural Wake 3-in-1 boutique. Bring you a new Yantouch portable romantic lifestyle.

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